Primary skills: Pixel art, Low poly 3D
Tools: Photoshop, Blender, Unity

For Drawn to Life: Two Realms (Digital Continue / 505 Games), I had the opportunity to help establish the art direction for the pixel graphics as well as working on various sprites, tile sets and backgrounds pieces.

A screenshot from Moonstone Island (Studio Supersoft / Raw Fury). I was responsible for a selection of spirit and environmental designs, UI styling and pixel sprite work in general.

The humans in action in Little Kitty, Big City (Double Dagger Studio). I was only responsible for the human models seen here. As they need to share the same rig, their height and proportions were standardized. I also helped out with the early UI design (not shown)

A screenshot from Sushi Ben (Big Brane Studios). My work involves sketching, modeling and texturing the multitude of creatures and props. Additionally, I had the opportunity to refine the world terrain and make contributions to the UI design. (Human characters and buildings were handled by other artists)